VISO Community Guidelines

Dated: April 11, 2024

The VISO Community is what you make it; the culture reflects the behaviour of its members. The following guidelines reflect the core principles we expect you to adopt and model when using and engaged in the VISO Community.

Be Friendly

The purpose of the VISO Community is to meet new creators and have interesting, productive discussions with them. Be open and welcoming to others, be genuinely curious about them and their stories. It’s who you know as well as what you know, and VISO Community can help you form relationships that can lead to friendships as well as collaborations.

You may meet people that you do not wish to talk to; that’s fine. Just be polite and discreet about it. Do not demean others. Keep it positive, and good things will happen.

Be Helpful

The ethos of the VISO Community is helping each other succeed. If someone has a question and you have some insight, they’d probably appreciate you sharing it. Support each other. Be honest, transparent and genuine about who you are and what you believe to be true. Exchange tips, point out useful resources or events, discuss how you can provide value. Help each other succeed.

Work and Play Together

The VISO Community aims to bring RHEI creators together, so they can work together to the benefit of both creators and audiences. Work together and play together. The melting pot of ideas, styles and cultures should help the creator community thrive.

Remember, if you feel that another member of the VISO Community is not adhering to these guidelines, there are mechanisms in place to keep things on track. The VISO Community needs to feel safe. Certain terms that can be derogatory will not be displayed in conversations. You can Block a creator that you no longer want to hear from, or Report a creator to RHEI if you feel they have crossed the line.

VISO should be an enjoyable and productive environment for all creators. Do reach out to RHEI by emailing us at if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.

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