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Transform Your Content Into Culture

Your IP is more powerful than you think, prime it for the digital generation with RHEI’s AI-powered solutions and decades of experience.

RHEI helps the world’s biggest media companies connect to new audiences and cultivate vibrant communities.

We Do It All

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    Audience Expansion Through Creators

    Leverage the passion and influence of creators to build authentic connections with new and hard-to-reach audiences.

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    Increased Monetization

    Tap into and amplify new revenue streams from your content, transforming engagement into profit.

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    24/7 Rights Management

    Secure and leverage fan-uploaded content the moment it goes live. Stay in complete control of your intellectual property—whether to safeguard it, harness fan enthusiasm for insights, or drive revenue.

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    Intelligent Insights

    Revolutionize your strategy and unlock a deeper understanding of audience behaviors and preferences, empowering you to elevate your content and maximize impact like never before.

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    Audience-First Channel Management

    Grow your official channels with AI-powered solutions and strategic expertise. Foster direct, authentic engagement with a dedicated and active audience.

What Makes RHEI Different

The Ultimate 360° Solution

Ensure you’re reaching your full potential audience with our comprehensive solutions, wherever they thrive and however they consume content, from your official channels to the dynamic creator economy and your most passionate fans.

Best-in-Class AI-Powered Solutions

Embrace the future—don't settle for outdated methods. Harness the transformative power of AI with our intelligent and personalized distribution and marketing solutions designed for a new era.

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Audience-First Thinking

We've pioneered content distribution that focuses on audience preferences rather than traditional catalog organization, proven to ensure that content reaches viewers exactly how and where they want it, to achieve maximum success for our partners.

Effortless Full-Service Solutions

Our turn-key solutions take care of everything, managing your unique needs from start to finish and seamlessly integrating with your existing solutions.

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