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Take the guesswork out of new ideas, and the legwork out of amazing content for every platform.

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  • AI-Driven Content Generation:
    Get personalized content recommendations based on your unique voice, videos, and trends to stay authentic across all platforms.
  • Content Augmentation:
    Enhance your creations with exclusive access to premium IP, expanding your audience and revenue.
  • Content Transformation:
    Transform your content for maximum reach across every platform, language, and format to ensure your videos hit every fan, wherever they are.
  • Tools:
    Access market-leading tools that help you create the best content you can.


Expand your reach and deepen your fandom, effortlessly.

  • Distribution: Hit the right audience on the right platforms intelligently to drive the most reach and engagement.
  • Localization: Adapt your authentic voice to tailor your content for audiences in any language leveraging RHEI’s AI and natural language processing.
  • Fan Building & Management: Build and manage your fanbase everywhere as RHEI enables everything from capturing fan uploaded content to providing insights on what they love.
  • Community Management: Cultivate loyalty with personalized AI-driven fan interactions and content suggestions in every language across all your channels.
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Drive more organic revenue from your content and unlock new streams.

  • Ad Sales
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Multi-Platform Monetization
  • Fan Uploaded Content Monetization
  • Monetization Driven by Premium Third Party IP
  • Cash Advances
  • Catalog Licensing Deals
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