Digital Content Is The Destination For Brands & Advertisers

Digital Content Is The Destination For Brands & Advertisers

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By: Reuben Dongalen Jr.

August 15, 2022

If the Summer season and digital content is any indication, travel activities are rising at a significant pace. In fact, travel is projected to return to pre-pandemic levels – potentially exceeding them – this year.

It’s no shocker: as restrictions ease, alongside the decrease of safety risks and the return of consumer confidence, there is a release of pent-up travel and tourism demand.

Travel is rebounding after a brutal year and a half for the industry. 36% of people around the globe are now participating in some sort of travel activity. Moreover, travelers say they feel safer, with the perceived risk of taking a vacation down by 17% since January 2021.”

The pandemic’s firm grip on travel has eased and the industry’s revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 8.46%, resulting in a projected market volume of over $992 billion (US) by 2026. However, one noteworthy number for brands to keep an eye on is the increase of travel planning and buying online. In the travel and tourism market, 73% of total revenue will be generated through online sales by 2026

BBTV explores the relationship between digital video and the rise of travel, and how this marks an opportune time for brands to align with meaningful travel content before the rest of the competition jumps in on the tourism industry’s resurgence.

Travel Consumption Trends Are a Result of Popular Digital Content

Why are travel sales mostly done online? One key factor is the influence travel content has on consumers.

This new age of digital content provides consumers with convenient and efficient access to resources that educate their purchase decisions. YouTube and social media are top of mind when customers are looking for products and services.

Nearly one in three travelers turn to social media for holiday inspiration.”

This resonates even more with young travelers, as 60% of Gen Z’s and 40% of millennials use social media for travel purposes. 

Why? From airport outfits and premium travel perks to packing tips, young travelers are eager to explore right now, turning to their favorite content creators for inspiration, savings, and convenience when booking bucket list experiences.

What Platforms Are Travelers Turning To?

Social media dominates the most popular digital content trends around travel yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This includes:

  • Top airport outfits
  • Inexpensive luggage options
  • Credit card perks
  • Best times to book flights
  • In-flight service reviews
  • Top travel destinations
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Packing hacks

While social media content is the source for today’s most popular travel trends, these video concepts are reserved for short-form platforms such as YouTube Shorts, or, repurposed into long-form vlogs and informative videos of the traveler’s experiences. This gives viewers more food for thought when planning their itinerary.

That’s where YouTube has and always will be a mainstay for consumers. In fact, the rate of growth and consumption annually are mind-boggling: 

While travel videos continue to succeed on YouTube, these statistics are likely to be conservative given the imminent arrival of monetization on YouTube Shorts. Not only will audiences flock to the video giant for longer formats like travel vlogs but also to grab quick, digestible travel tips through YouTube Shorts.

What Does This Mean For Brands & Advertisers?

Combining the revival of travel with millions of viewers seeking out travel-related content on YouTube, there’s a window of opportunity for advertisers to become a major player in how audiences connect with their brand. As travelers plan their next trip, they’ll turn to their favorite creators and channels for inspiration and honest thoughts on their next travel destination.

How are creators engaging millions of travelers? Many top channels and characters online cross-pollinate with different content verticals; travel and tourism weave in with categories such as food, fashion, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, music, and family content.

How can brands leverage these creators to engage millions of consumers? Contextual targeting is a powerful tool for marketers. They have the opportunity to handpick the content their brands are aligning with to reach and influence audiences with matching interests.

Advertisers can align their brand’s message with creators that are generating travel content in meaningful ways. Marketers can co-produce original content that incorporates various products and services from affordable luggage bags and food recommendations to comfortable clothing and travel hacks. Some concepts include reviews, unboxings, vlogs, GRWM (Get Ready With Me) content, and How-To’s; ideas that are low-lift yet authentic based on how a creator incorporates the brand within their content.

Brands can also sponsor pre-existing programming. A simple plug from creators that cover content relating to your industry or brand is an impactful way of spreading awareness without breaking the bank.

BBTV is home to a massive network of YouTubers spanning different content verticals; brands can align their messaging with these popular creators who are naturally incorporating travel and tourism within their content. This collection of creators alone garners over 25 million subscribers and over hundreds of millions of monthly views.

With BBTV’s proprietary VISO tech, you can do it all:

  • Contextually target the audiences that are interested in content relating to your brand’s products and messages
  • Avoid the trap of lip service
  • Prevent the risk of your brand’s reputation by aligning with brand-safe content; VISO shields your brand campaign from inappropriate content and environments. 

There’s an obvious connection between the resurgence of travel and the impact of digital content online; it strongly influences travelers’ purchase decisions big or small, from flights to travel outfits. Learn how you can authentically position your brand in the world of digital travel content, and leverage one of the largest creator networks on the globe to gain the upper hand amidst the meteoric rise of travel.

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